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The only Marketing & CSR agency from West side of Romania, qualified with an EMBA at Tiffin University. The 4th company in Romania that became a GOLD Member of GRI and attended the Global Reporting Pioneers Program.

Who runs the world?    Creativity is the answer!

  From the biggest historical stories, colonizations, to globalization, cold wars, political campaigns or the CSR of Medelin Cartel, marketing is running the world in a fast, unpredictable and decisive way.

  Behind every victory, pioneering ideas, medical treatments, maths, fizics, chemistry, devices, gadgets, technologies, there was a great creative mind.

  Creativity is the center of the marketing world and also the center of all man kind. Nothing in this amazing world wouldn’t had been done without a creative mind.

Marin Marketing Companies

So who are we?   Shortly: we are marketing explorers.

  Our company is an immersive learning experience—one that empowers executives to reflect, recharge, and reemerge as visionary leaders of their brand.

  In the last ten years we conquered markets in our country and Eastern Europe, having excelent results with our Marketing, CSR, Branding and PR campaigns.

  MMC provides knowledge and the process of transforming theory into skills.

Story about Marin Marketing Companies

   With focus on tangible results, our company will provide you more than just a valuable Marketing strategy. We offer your brand a complete experience that will change your customers perspective on your business.

   We are in a continuously learning program and we always search for the best executive programs to improve our skills.

   This is how we became one of the fewest agencies in Romania that graduate from Tiffin University EMBA program.

   This program offered us an accelerated learning experience that transformed us into the next generation of powerful leaders.

   Nevertheless we helped companies to increase their image, awareness, gross revenue, profit, brand at a national and international level.

      Our work for the world of sustainability

   But what you do when the community needs you? Well, the answer is seen in our CSR work because we said yes to more than 40 pro-bono projects like philanthropic causes, sustainability causes, health, culture causes or ecological causes.

   Since March 2017 we became the third company in Romania and the 601 in the world that attented Global Reporting Initiative GOLD Community.

   At the national and international level we are one of the fewest companies certified by GRI to make CSR non financial reporting for companies, worldwide.

Story about Marin Marketing Companies

   MMC has pioneered corporate sustainability reporting certified by GRI in the Western, Central and North of Romania. We transform CSR from a niche practice to one now adopted by a growing majority of organizations in our country and worldwide.

   “The GRI Standards are the first global standards for sustainability reporting. They feature a modular, interrelated structure, and represent the global best practice for reporting on a range of economic, environmental and social impacts.” GRI

   This is just a small introduction in our world.

   Here are some of our well known projects that made a significant difference in the Mk and CSR world and some thoughts of business media about our work and us.

   We are creators of high quality marketing, PR & CSR. We combine pioneering strategies with traditional marketing techniques, all adapted for the digital era. Our techniques are based on knowledge, innovation, hard work and endless creativity.


Liana Cristina Marin MMC

Liana Cristina Marin

Founding Partner

The Visionaire

Business Strategist

Marketing Expert

CSR passionate

Monica Daniela Marin MMC

Monica Daniela Marin

Founding Partner

The Creative and innovative

Marketing and CSR Expert

Ethics passionate


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