Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club

     Timisoara is the city where rugby was reborn as both a sports and a social phenomenon. Saracens Timisoara RCM UVT is the result of hard work and great passion for generations of athletes, coaches and supporters. Today we take pride in those who have inherited a history of rugby, a rich record and values in which to believe. To them, to those who are and those that shall come, only respect!

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Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC


In October 1949, the rugby club called CSUT claimed its first rugby match in Sighisoara, with local team Locomotiva. We won 0-34, Timisoara team having the following squad: Liteanu, Antonescu, Popa, Nistor, Haller, Onciul, Zomborian, Georgescu (jucător-antrenor), Dăncescu. Since 1966 we change our name to "University of Timisoara" in the management team being Mitica Antonescu. From this year the rise of our team has started. In the 1968-1969 championship, the team ranked 5, we ranked 3rd in 1969-1970 championship, and in 1970-1971 championship our team ranked 5. In 1971-1972 Timişoreana manages to bring the first national title in Timisoara, after 58 years of leadership Bucharest.

Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC

It is said that in 12 June 1972 (the winning day of the national title), Timişoara metropolitan cathedral bells were struck once more, and the next day at the gate of the home where lived most of the rugby players, you could read on a billboard: "Passer, stop a time, and bow before the door where the pearls Romanian of rugby live", the author of a message being student, Nicolae Benga. Here are the artisans of this beautiful result:Duță, Szasz, Cândrea, Peter, Suciu, Ghețu, Iacob, Ceauș, Tătucu, Nedelcu, Vollman, Rășcanu, Priess, Ionică, Ene, Malancu, Neiss, Popovici, Vlad, Ioniță, Arsene.

Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC

In 2011, following a period of transition, Rugby 40 Old Boys event, rugby club in Timisoara is reborn as the RCM MVT West University of Timisoara. Since then, the team has been at the top tier of the National Championship, promoting the values of sportiness and proudly represent the city of Timisoara. We even brought back in Banat the Romanian Cup in 2011, we won the National Title in rugby in 2012 and 2013, so that once again in 2014 to win the Romanian Cup in Rugby!

2013 is the year of “The Gordian Knot” project, a project that mapped us as the worlds most creative rugby club in collaboration with Liana Marin and her agency.

Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC

In 2014, Rugby Club Timisoara checked another successful ending a strong partnership, unique in Romania, with those from Saracens London, opening more opportunities towards international performance. From this moment on we are called Timisoara Saracens RCM UVT.

Year 2015 was a year of glory for Timisoara's rugby history and our team. Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club managed to win all the national trophies at stake: we are proud winners of the first edition of the King's Cup 2015, winners of the Romanian Cup 2015 and this year we became National Champions in SuperLiga CEC Bank, 2015 edition!

Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club - MMC

We started 2016 with a historical qualification in Challenge Cup groups. Spring was crowned by winning the Romanian Cup 2016 finals and impeccably organizing Cup's Finals in Timisoara! We have big ambitions, and 2016 promises to be an inportant year for Timisoara Saracens rugby squad!

In 2017, strongly as a Gordian Knot, we continue “The Journey “ to the cultural area of Timisoara. The project is one of a kind.

Our track record, the national titles we achieved, all won trophies in national and international competitions, all the positive results brought by our players in the Romanian national rugby team, all of these would not have been possible without three important ingredients: our history, our trusted partners and aur faithfull public!

For all these results, we thank you with respect!” Timisoara Saracens rugby players.

The Journey

“The Journey” is the second edition of the “The Knot” catalogue and showcases the spectacular ascent of the en-titre champion team, Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club, as well as of the city of premieres, Timisoara. The project presents the team’s players from a professional and personal perspective, while they become travelers in their own town.

“To be entrusted the task to create a new and unique national and worldwide project has represented a great honor for MMC. The design was thought in such a manner that it would increase the originality and uniqueness of the project, by the subtle incorporation of the rugby gate in the logo. In what the logo’s thematic symbol is concerned, the rugby gate’s poles are crossed by a heartbeat sign, which prolongs in the entire catalogue, as an emotional, adrenaline-dripping itinerary of the dual journey in the rugby world and in the city of champions.

The insight which has triggered the creation of the symbolically chosen term, that of “The Journey”, was the fact that rugby players are the only physically and psychically indestructible sportsmen, who have the capacity to travel around the world only for the sake of a career in rugby. Following the line of Romanian and world rugby history, the catalogue highlights the manner in which multi-culturality, hard work, fair play, dedication and ambition lead to a team’s success.” Liana Marin, MMC founder, Marketing Managing Director.

The new corporate identity follows to the letter the team’s brand identity and it has been received very enthusiastically in London, at EPCR Harlequins vs Timisoara Saracens, following that in January to be launched in Romania, during EPCR Timisoara Saracens vs Stade Francais Paris and in Scotland, during EPCR Edinburgh vs Timisoara Saracens.

The purpose of “The Journey” is to mark the team in Timisoara on rugby’s world map, by the remarkable results obtained in the last years, as well as by its new visual identity.

The MMC marketing project included several phases: audit, theme, message, selection, players, colors, analysis of location for photo shoots, creation briefing, photo shooting, cover and illustration design, elaboration of texts and interviews, tracing of marketing strategy, branding and communication, implementation.

The catalogue includes 68 pages and 4 covers, being printed on special paper with vintage appearance. The edition includes 500 pieces and it has been launched at international level in limited edition.

The new corporate identity will be presented in the branding of the stadium, of promotional materials, in the 2017 calendar and on its website.

Click below to see the full version of "The Journey - Timisoara Saracens Rugby Club" catalog on issuu.com

The Journey - Timisoara Saracens - MMC Project

The Knot

It was rather difficult to choose a theme for this catalogue, mainly because its purpose was to showcase this team and this city from the outside, in the overseas relations of the club, to attract new players. On a terrace in Piata Operei in Timisoara, Dan Dinu, the rugby team’s “engine”, was telling us in the beginning: “I want a catalogue which, when offered, nobody will want to give it up”.

The image of a pile of players in the shape of a rugby ball was one of the choices I have prepared for the cover and, by organizing the players in that particular shape, from their clenching and unclenching, emerged the idea of a knot, knotted, knotted team, and then the Gordian Knot came naturally.

The Gordian Knot – came from the need to find a symbol which would represent the unity and indestructibility of the Timisoara rugby team, in a city which, in its turn, just like a knot, reunited over 22 ethnicities which have lived in peace over the centuries.

What could be more emblematic, more relevant for a team’s unity, than the manner in which it becomes indestructible, powerful and undefeatable, just like a Gordian knot, which can only be torn apart through radical actions.

The Gordian knot is something you cannot beat, it is that thing you cannot get untangled. The knot is all that orbits around one thing.

Team’s unity and player’s courage created bonds, opportunities, dynamics and force, builds character and shapes personalities. The player finds the power to win only with the support of his teammates, fighting in a fair manner on the green field.

The legend of Gordius, who happened to be a simple peasant who was elected king of Phrygia because he succeeded to climb with his chariot to temple, offering it to Zeus. The pole of his chariot was tied with such an intricate knot that nobody was able to untie it. Nobody was ever able to untie it.

In his desire to conquer Asia, Alexander the Great cuts the knot as a last resort to fulfill the prediction. The Gordian knot remained a symbol over the centuries.

Our rugby players, team RCM Timisoara, are just like the legendary Gordius, they tie symbolic knots using the team’s united force, promoting in time the oval ball game in Timisoara.

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